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PayBright Financing

Select hearing aid manufacturers are offering 0% financing plans on select hearing devices. Depending on the devices selected, these financing plans can range from 1-3 years in length. Better hearing has never been so easy. Find out how much you qualify for by clicking Apply Now below.





Signia offers 0% financing on your hearing aid purchases on 6 or 12 month terms. This plan is available on their Good, Better and Best performance level products. This is done through PayBright and does require pre-approval.

About PayBright:

PayBright Financial offers flexible financing with low minimum monthly payments so that you can start your journey to better hearing immediately.

Although the plans offered by Widex and Signia through PayBright are interest free, PayBright does charge a $6.95 monthly administration fee. If you decide to pay off the full amount before the end of the financing period, there is no penalty to you, and your monthly fees end.

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