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Welcome to Advanced Hearing Ontario.

As a second generation family owned and operated Hearing Health Care provider, we are dedicated to meeting our patient's needs not only because it is our job but because Audiology is our life! We staff DOCTOR OF AUDIOLOGY, Audiologists to ensure we have the highest level of education in the field. Our commitment to delivering the best service has been recognized by being voted #1 year after year. We have been trusted by families across the Durham Region for 30 years and when it's family that your dealing with, trust is not just an important thing, IT'S EVERYTHING!

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Our Mission

Our Mission is to serve and deliver, in the most ethical and professional manner, hearing health care services to individuals of all ages so that they may hear better. Our Vision is to become the clinic of choice for all hearing needs. Our philosophy is to care for our patients with respect, offer the best hearing solutions, and provide on-going support services. After all, HEARING is our concern.

Hearing Care for the Whole Family

Since 1987...The first Hearing Health Care professionally – owned Audiology Clinics in Durham Region. Voted #1 BEST Hearing Service CARE in Durham, 14 consecutive years running. Winner of the Readers' Choice Top Award, Ajax-Pickering News Advertiser, Oshawa-Whitby News Advertiser, Business Times; and Best of the Best, Scarborough Mirror.


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The first Audiology Clinics in Durham Region to offer REAL EAR probe microphone measurements. Precisely fine tunes your hearing aids to your hearing loss. Speech is comfortable and loud sounds are NOT uncomfortably loud.

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