The world is yours to hear!™

Advanced Hearing Ontario Celebrates 30 years

As many of you know, we started with just one audiology clinic. As such, we have seen many changes in the healthcare system, not to mention that now there are hearing clinics everywhere! Retail chains, big box stores, and even hearing aid manufacturers own hearing aid clinics; an unusual trend virtually not seen in other healthcare practices. Our clinics remain under the medical model with no quotas to fill or franchise rules to follow. We believe in ‘Patients’ First’.

In the begGuy_Giroux.jpginning, it was just my husband Guy and I, when we opened the Ajax-Pickering Audiology Clinic; the very first independent audiology clinic in Durham Region. Not many private practices existed in those days (1987) so some view us as pioneers in our field. Located in Pickering Village, we were on the second floor with several stairs to climb, not an easy task for strollers or walkers. At the invitation of the physicians at the Pickering Medical Centre, we relocated in 1994 and are still there today. 

Our Whitby patients however, were hopeful we would have opened a hearing clinic in Whitby. Always doing our best to listen to our patients, we established the Whitby Hearing Centre that very same year (1994).

Six years later, Durham Region’s hearing healthcare needs had increased so much that something had to be done. We promised to continue to provide the level of service that so many had come to expect from us. As such, Bayly Audiology Services opened in 2000.

Finally, in 2016 we opened a fourth clinic in Oshawa, and with it came our name change.  Many had advised to call our clinics Advanced Hearing Ontario because they believed that the name reflected who we truly were. And, we agreed. Our slogan, “Advanced Hearing…Tomorrow’s Hearing Today! ™” was most fitting.

We have witnessed major advances over the past 3 decades from bulky analog hearing aids to virtually invisible digital ones. Today’s digital instruments perform multiple sound processing and management tasks that can better accommodate individual lifestyles. Further, the significant and innovative cosmetic changes have more people accepting and wearing hearing instruments than ever before. Additionally, hearing aid manufacturers offer discounts to everyone, but that too was unheard of 30 years ago.

Brigitte GirouxOften, we have been first in Durham to offer some of the most sophisticated audiology equipment (in some cases the only ones even to this day). Equipment such as Video-Ostoscopy, Real Ear Measurements, AuraCare™, SpinDoctor™, all  necessary tools to provide the best service possible. We continue to support students from Durham College, George Brown College, University of Toronto, and Dalhousie University with top quality learning experience placements. We continue to hire Audiologists and Hearing Instrument Dispensers and Specialists, selecting only the best candidates for the job.

Renee GirouxMy husband and I never thought so many years ago that our dream of helping so many to improve their quality of life through better hearing would also become the passion of our two daughters, Renee and Brigitte. We are proud to keep these clinics in the family as we know that they will continue our legacy of better hearing with no compromise, for all.  As a family owned and operated practice, we will always work together to ensure that you get the best care possible for your hearing and lifestyle.

That leads us to today - a celebration of 30 years in hearing healthcare. Never in Durham has 4 hearing aid manufacturers come together in one room to present:  so I thank you!

And, we could not have done this without many of you here today, our loyal patients and friends. I thank everyone here today for joining us. Thank you for celebrating with us: “The World is Yours to Hear. ™



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