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Congratulations to Renée Giroux, Doctor of Audiology, Audiologist.


Renée graduated from Ecole Secondaire Catholique Saint-Charles-Garnier in Whitby in 2004, from University of Toronto with a Bachelor of Science Degree in 2008, from University of Ottawa with a Masters’ degree in Audiology in 2010, and most recently, with a Doctor of Audiology Degree (Au. D.) from Salus University, Pennsylvania.

The Au. D. program is uniquely designed to meet the educational needs for the 21st century audiologists. Currently, the American Audiologists are required to earn a Doctorate degree to practice audiology in the United States. Although not a requirement yet here in Canada, many Canadian Audiologists advance their studies as they are committed to remain current with today’s advances in science and hearing technology and want to do the very best for their patients. Renée is one of them!