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Reasons to Choose

  • Since 1987...The first Hearing HealthCare professionally – owned Audiology Clinics in Durham Region.

Advanced Hearing - Ajax-Pickering Audiology Clinic (1987) 
Advanced Hearing - Whitby Hearing Centre (1992)
Advanced Hearing - Bayly Audiology Services (2003)

Advanced Hearing – Oshawa (2016)

  • Voted #1 BEST Hearing Service CARE in Durham, 15 consecutive years running. Winner of the Readers' Choice Top Award, Ajax - Pickering News Advertiser, Oshawa - Whitby News Advertiser, Business Times; and Best of the Best, Scarborough Mirror. Click Here to view our Awards Section!
  • Save hundreds of dollars with our Worry Free Program offered at all our Clinics. Designed by us in 2004, the first of its kind in Durham. Peace of Mind is Priceless!
  • The first Audiology Clinics in Durham Region to offer REAL EAR probe microphone measurements. Precisely fine tunes your hearing aids to your hearing loss. Speech is comfortable and loud sounds are NOT uncomfortably loud.
  • The first Audiology Clinics in Durham Region to offer the following state-of the art technology:
    • Video Otoscopy. Let's you see inside your ear canals. Is ear wax causing a hearing loss? Click on Video Otoscopy for a Guided Tour inside your ear.
    • AuraCare™: Strong vacuuming system, integrity meter and pressure chamber. Click on AuraCare to find out more.
    • SpinDoctor™: Powerful centrifugal force AuraCare, a professional and sophisticated system to deep clean your hearing aids.

Hearing Aid Optimization: Restore PERFORMANCE and ENHANCE longevity.

  • Recognized site for student placements: Durham College, George Brown College, University of Toronto, Dalhousie University.
  • Designated by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOHLTC) to provide services to newborns and infants. The Infant Hearing Program (IHP) is operated by the Tri-Regional Infant Hearing Program. Want to learn more about your Child's Hearing? Both French and English versions available.